Leadership Development

Leaders and leadership teams need to develop their leadership as their company more and more moves into a digital market and digital environment.

Individual or team Coaching

As a coach, I support leaders and teams to upgrade their leadership, their communication and their company culture to become better equipped to lead successfully in a digital world.

Dynamic Management program

The Euro Academy's 6-months program for individual leadership development. We integrate the development in the leaders current assignment. 6 moduls with different focus.


2-4 hours of workshop with focus on:

Remote Leadership

Consequences of changing working environment and how to lead your team remotely in the best way to ensure business results and healthy team members.

References: ABB, M-Gruppen MBA Executive program,

Digital Leadership

Consequences when going digital and how to lead your team successfully, considering the new market conditions, opportunities and risks. I deliver my "8 “leading principles” to success, tools and an action plan.

Refereces: ABB, ICA, Vattenfall, Bengt Dahlgren AB, Göteborgs Stad, Burlövs kommun

Leadership and AI

Consequences in leadership when AI is implemented on a broader scale in business and society. What is the impact on you, your team members and your organization and how do you need to act and prepare as a leader?

References: ABB, Oriflame, NOX, Energiföretagen

Communicative Leadership

“Just because you have spoken doesn’t mean you have been heard”. Leaders are expected to communicate more than ever and it is easy to go wrong. We work with the 6-step communication model as a tool to plan and execute communication that is most relevant for your target group and situation.

Reference customers: Ericsson

Communication och Digital event production

With today’s business climate of high speed and constant changes, communication and transparency are some of the most important activities in teams and corporations. Right and relevant communication is a key enabler for creating engagement and result.

Strategic and tactical communication

I offer communication with focus on creating engagement and business results. Could be a change project, a business transformation or simply improved communication for improved competitiveness.

Reference customers: Sandvik, Afry

Digital Event production

With extensive experience in planning, creating and executing digital events and conferences, I offer the full range of services to create your successful sustainable digital event. The services range from content creation and event planning to production execution including script writing, speakers training and studio set-up.

Reference customers: Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Business Sweden, Telia Company, Oriflame, Atlas Copco, Spotify

Digital Transformation

As a consultant I support organizations in digital transformation, innovation and outside in thinking. By using external support, the organization can ensure the delivery of current business at the same time as digitalization and innovation takes place.

Reference customers: Business Sweden, Bengt Dahlgren AB

Key Note speaker & Moderator

Inspiration and new insights are important to motivate groups and individuals to act and develop. I offer key notes speeches in leadership and communication with a digital perspective, both in English and Swedish, both on stage and in digital productions. I also take on roles as moderator at conferences, live or in the digital format to support a great experience for the audience.

You can see me here 1) Swedish event: 2) Digital interview:

Key Notes:

"Embrace the digital consequences for successful leadership"

I put digitalization into the leadership context and provide “8 leading principles” where I explain why a change is needed and how to do it.

"How to create engagement and business results with remote leadership"

Provides insights on the consequences when your team members change their working environment and how you need to act in term of engagement, communication, leadership and business focus.

"How to manage your business when an AI-robot is part of your team"

Explains the upcoming scenarios and consequences when AI is being implanted broadly and being part of your business. How to prepare yourself and your team and how to act when an AI-robot is part of your team.

Reference customers:

Fonus, Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Ericsson, Samhall, Trygg Hansa, Vattenfall, Relacom, Volkswagen, Aviva, Göteborgs Stad, Burlövs Kommun, Novare Leadership Academy, ABB

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