Digital leadership & engaging communication

Degermark Consulting focuses on communication, leadership development and digital transformation. We give support to companies, managers and management teams in transforming the business and upgrade the leadership for continued success in a digital world.


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Leadership Development

Prepare and arm yourself to lead successfully when your company and market is being digitalized

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Keynote speaker & moderator

Inspire and guide your company to continued success, presented with passion, insights and examples.

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Communication & Digital Event Production

The key to engagement and business result starts with a well thought out communication. The right message in the right channel will help you to come across. To reach a larger audience in a sustainable way, a digital conference can be your option.

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Digital Transformation

To meet the increased competition and stay relevant, digital opportunities will support your company in becoming more attractive and more efficient. But start to act now!

Åsa Degermark

  • 20 years of experience in management and communication
  • Certified leadership coach
  • Keynote speaker & moderator



mobile: +46 709 86 24 90