Peoples ability to change will make your success

November 07, 2018

Peoples ability to change will make your success

The technology is easily in focus when digital transformation is debated. Blockchain, machine learning, AI, VR and many more. Thousands and thousands of employees with IT skills help companies implement the technology for going digital. One seeks efficiency, simplicity, speed, durability and, not least, greater customer satisfaction. Although the speed of technology development is higher than ever, we have experienced constant technology development in modern times. Development in telecommunications is just one example. Then, like now, technology is an enabler and the critical aspects lies in people’s ability to adopt to change. However, in the digital transformation the changes in behaviors, way of thinking and ways of working are larger than we ever have seen before.

The digital era requires a new approach and means changes to leadership and employment ship to leverage what the technology enables and its’s consequences. Companies that understand the human formula of change will invest in time and support to make it happened. In leadership it is about leading with vision and let go of control to distribute decisions, actions and initiatives to the organization and create empowerment. For employees it is about changing ways of working, take on new behaviors, innovate and increase learning, to mention a few.

Many, often parallel projects, are ongoing in companies as part of their digital transformation strategy. A quite common scenario is that employees receives mail instructions on how to use the new, more efficient system or how to handle the new customer solution. If you are lucky, he or she will prioritize the assignment and try to pick up the new system. But an implementation of a new system is far from being enough in the digital era. Customer obsession, working in value streams and meltdown of corporate silos are just a few activities that needs to be part of the change. With limited efforts in the change process, the result will be just like that – limited.

If you spend time and efforts in supporting peoples change, you will become much more successful with your digital transformation. A few reminders to consider when you, as a leader, drive change:

• People need time to understand, absorb and adjust
• You cannot change people, but you can give them tools that support their change
• The company vision and the purpose of the change needs to be crystal clear
• People are different and need different level of information to be able to change
• Take small steps frequently rather than big turns at a certain time
• Make sure communication, feedback and interaction is on top of your agenda
• Be transparent with the progress - celebrate wins and learn from failures

• If you early on change your own behavior, the team will follow you.

Good luck!